Haley Varacallo is a portrait photographer who works with performers of the more exotic/unconventional nature. Her work is a commentary on the notions of sexuality and gender neutrality/bending, as well as the documentation of the fantastically colorful and diverse subculture that she finds herself so drawn to. Within her photographs she captures the glamor and the grit behind her drag queens, burlesque, fetish and cabaret dancers, erotic clowns, transgenders, homosexuals etc. Her work aims to shed light and beauty onto what exists beyond the stage, back behind the scenes, and into the personal lives and aspirations of these entertainers. On occasion, Haley will turn the camera onto herself, creating long or double exposed transcendent self-portraits, which convey the messages of inner turmoil, growth and experimentation. Haley's fashion work is anything but ordinary. She enjoys utilizing her models individual nuances and running with a conceptual story and brilliant color scheme to match. She does all of her own styling, and creates editorials that are beyond great clothes and makeup. Haley also enjoys photographing for nonprofit organizations such as The Batey Rehab Project; helping in the spreading of awareness of international poverty, social and sexual issues.

Photographing people, in every shape, color and light, is her passion.



Haley Varacallo







SCAD - Savannah College of Art and Design

BFA, Photography

Graduated May, 2015.

GPA 4.0, Summa Cum Laude


Work Experience.


- Photographer for the Still Life Photo Department, Saks Fifth Avenue.  New York, NY. March 2016 - Current.

In charge of styling, lighting and capturing both video and photo for the still-life Ecommerce photo department of SAKS. Also in charge of maintaining an excellent workflow, organization of files and products, knowledge and maintenance of equipment, software and troubleshooting, while also being responsible for some retouching.

-Sole proprietor of Haley Varacallo Photography, LLC.  New York, NY. September 2015 - Current.

Working with commercial clients, doing freelance photography/lighting & styling and PR work as needed.

In studio and on location. As well as creating promotional packages and assisting in the creation of recent

blog and APP launch known as GENDR. Extensive knowledge and passion for professional photography

and lighting equipment, art direction, styling, retouching, and promoting for fashion editorial, commercial, product, portrait and lifestyle photography.  


-Photographer for Barry Brandon Marketing & GENDR, Atlanta, GA. May 2015 - January 2017.

-Photographer for The Tied and Tasseled Cabaret, Savannah, GA. June - September, 2015.

-Photographer for The House of Gunt drag group. Savannah, GA. 2013 - May 2015.

-Set photographer for Sundance Film Festival nominated film, Strip Trip,

directed by Olivia Riley Day, Savannah, GA. 2014.

-Secretary at Coldwell Banker Realty, Dubois, PA. 2008 - 2012


Non-Profit Work.

The Batey Rehab Project, Savannah, GA and The Dominican Republic. 2015 - Current. 

A non-profit organization working in the poverty stricken cities and villages in The Dominican Republic; contributing photography efforts and journalism; as well as building homes, providing jewelry workshops, building playgrounds etc. While supplying the people in America with awareness and creating a genuine platform and outlet that enables the more fortunate to directly give to those less lucky.

Habitat For Humanity, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 2010 - 2012.                                                              

Worked with the construction of homes and the cleaning of the store locations throughout the area. 


Exhibitions and Publications.

- Published in Huffington Post, Feature on Natti Vogel, 2018.

- Published in Billboard Pride, 2018.

- Published in Atwood Magazine, 2018.

- National Sawdust, Feature on Natti Vogel, 2018.

- Published in Keyboard Magazine, 2018.

- Guest Speaker/Presenter at FIT for the Faces and Places In Fashion course. NYC. 2017.

- Published in American Theater Magazine, 2017.

- Published with QWEAR Magazine, 'Feature on Wo Chan,' 2017.

- Published with SCURO Magazine, Issues 4 & 5, 2017.

- Exhibited work in a group exhibition, 'Over Saturated,' Savannah, GA. 2017

- Featured Artist in OURS Magazine, 2017.

- Exhibited work in group exhibition, 'Retro Future,'  at the TREAT Gallery, NYC. 2017.

- Work featured on Treat Gallery, NYC social media, 2017.

- Published with Qwear Magazine, 'Story oh Diana Oh,' 2017.

- Published with LAVISH Magazine, 2016.

- Featured Artist for QWEAR Magazine and Blog, 2016.

- Added to the LGBTQ friendly photographer list, QWEAR blog, 2016.

- Framed photo purchased for the apartment of actor Jon Hamm, 2016.

- Published with WUSSY Magazine, 2016.

- Published with NAKID Magazine, 2016.

- Internationally published with DARK BEAUTY MAGAZINE, in print, 2016.        

- Internationally published with DARK BEAUTY MAGAZINE, online, 2016.

- Photos auctioned at The Joining Hearts Valentines Day Art Auction, Atlanta, GA. 2016.

- Made the Top 10 Best Art Show of 2015 List, published by The Savannah Art Informer, 2015.

- Chosen for Savannah College of Art and Design’s juried DeFine Art Photo Exhibition,

  Savannah, GA, 2015.

- Published with BITCH MEDIA, piece on music artist Boyfriend, 2015.

- Chosen for Savannah College of Art and Design’s juried Silver and Ink Photo Exhibition,    

  Savannah, GA Gutstein Gallery, 2014 and 2015.

- Work selected for the published Select Works: Silver and Ink catalog, 2015.

- Solo photo exhibition at CO Lounge, curated by Barry Brandon Marketing, Savannah, GA, 2015.

- Solo photo exhibition at Ampersand, curated by Barry Brandon Marketing, Savannah, GA, 2015.  

- Interviewed and featured artist in the Savannah Art Informer, Author Ella Ward, 2015.

- Permanent exhibition in The House of Strut vintage retail store, Savannah, GA, 2015.

- Published in a printed ZINE, by music artist known as Boyfriend, New Orleans, distributed       

 throughout the U.S, 2015.

- Work featured in The Batey Rehab Project Photo Exhibition, Gimme Sum Sugar, Savannah, GA,  


- Interviewed and featured artist on GENDR blog, author Barry Brandon, Berlin, Germany, 2015.

- Exhibited work in a group show, The Light Inside The Belljar, Sulfur Studios, Savannah, GA, 2015.

- Exhibited photo work at the Halloween In January Art Show, Graveface Records, Savannah, GA,


- Featured in Photographic District News Emerging Photographers, Author David Carol, NY, New York,


- Published in ARKHAM Fashion Magazine, by Jackie Miller and Yasamine Rahmanparast, 2014.  

- Featured photographer in the Savannah Art Informer, Author Taylor Surratt, 2014.

- Exhibited sculpture work in the Indigo Sky Gallery,  Savannah, GA, 2014.


- Steve Jacobs, Manager at Saks Fifth Avenue Photo Studio, New York, NY. Stephen_Jacobs@s5a.com

- Tim Keating, Professor at Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA. tkeating@scad.edu

- David Carol, Photographer with Photo District News, New York, N.Y. david@davidcarol.com

- Zig Jackson, Professor at Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA. zjackson@scad.edu

- Barry Brandon, Marketing and PR Agent,  Atlanta, GA and Berlin, Germany.  Bookingbarrybrandon@gmail.com

- Gary Hurewitz, agent and mentor, Green House Representatives, New York, N.Y gary@greenhousereps.com